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Proactive Chat Hours and Holidays235Alexander Berndt April 18, 2014
Display just the chat hours in an external page011Manish Kumar April 15, 2014
Different chat hours in a SINGLE instance? (for two sets...317Rahul Sharma April 14, 2014
Virtual Assistant630Manish Kumar March 20, 2014
Passing web source data using Conditional chat widget on...345Rick Hollahan March 6, 2014
Proactive Chat Custom Fields broken on Feb 13?Answered5176Andy Rowse March 6, 2014
proactive chat blocks search functionality336Pooja Raju February 17, 2014
KnowledgeSyndication - does not displayAnswered381Bennett January 29, 2014
Knowledge Syndication - Display results in the new windowAnswered373Manish Kumar January 28, 2014
I am facing problem to implement ProactiveChat in normal...Answered271Nabarun Sen January 9, 2014
Syndication Proactive Widget3114C G December 5, 2013
Proactive Chat popup even if Reactive chat is in progress9130Manish Kumar November 22, 2013
Extending\Configuring Syndicated Conditional Chat Link...384Manish Kumar November 21, 2013
Issue with AjaxRequest in syndicated ConditionalChatLink153Manish Kumar November 19, 2013
Security of Chat on Customer pages158Ed Gioffre November 15, 2013
Undesired change of URL parametr „target“049Jan L. November 11, 2013
Calling a Proactive Chat when no results are found042Marcus Carvalho October 22, 2013
KF API - how to integrate search results with other search...284bluephlameBronze October 15, 2013
Custom syndicated ProactiveChat widget on external pages ?8485Ondrej Broz August 20, 2013
Knowledge Base Syndication Widget in Sharepoint 2010 page075Kent Smith August 20, 2013
Questions on behavior of the syndicated ProactiveChat and...2121Kevin Browne August 8, 2013
KnowledgeSyndication categories won't display answers284LornaBronze July 1, 2013
ConditionalChatLink Syndicated Widget not working!2107C G June 27, 2013
Add Proactive Chat Widget to AnswerAnswered151820Jean Felisme June 21, 2013
close chat session052Oana Tanase June 16, 2013
ProactiveChat (return a response or return number of...182Ben KBronze May 29, 2013
Chat Syndication Widget on a non-RNT hosted web page/server.2136Phil Rankin May 1, 2013
Knowledge syndication widget - callback function?1113Ashil Patel May 1, 2013
PTA security1211Oana Tanase March 29, 2013
Proactive Chat IE91271Bennett March 19, 2013

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