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OFSC Inbound API (SOAP transactions)8279Umesh RaoRegular12:54 AM
Not able to see Quota at Bucket level00Quota Issue.JPGRamesh SirisalaNewbieMay 27, 2017
Issue with outbound from OFSC421Rohan PalanJourneyerMay 26, 2017
Confrontational Steps For Outbound Configuration in OFSC438Prashant Singh BhadauriaRookieMay 25, 2017
how to share list of available timezones in OFSC to...114Sachin RathodExplorerMay 24, 2017
How to limit the number of WorkZone data returned from the...322Jeffry HusmanRegularMay 24, 2017
History API - how to create initial request447Sachin RathodExplorerMay 19, 2017
Any way for interfaces (middleware) to fetch the...Answered227Sachin RathodExplorerMay 19, 2017
Significance of the shift type On-callAnswered425hardik guptaApprenticeMay 17, 2017
Capacity API - calculate skill022Claus LemkeRegularMay 10, 2017
Any tool or utility to configure 40k+ resources and work...Answered9165Sachin RathodExplorerMay 8, 2017
How to delete Activities in Field Service?425Ayush GargRookieMay 5, 2017
Issue with sequence of activities that are added.222Sachin RathodExplorerMay 4, 2017
Addition/Subtraction Mathematics operations in OFSC135hardik guptaApprenticeMay 3, 2017
Send SMS to technician using OFSC4125Sachin RathodExplorerMay 2, 2017
Rest API - Get activity (using c#)Answered351Haroldo NozakiRegularApril 28, 2017
Integration using SOA 12c153Rohan PalanJourneyerApril 27, 2017
Applying external styles/css on OFSC pages100%338Sachin RathodExplorerApril 25, 2017
Learned duration with stats package in same time120Hasan YavuzJourneyerApril 25, 2017
Not able to find Oracle Tap application for Mobile agent app...865Ketan ChaudhariRegularApril 24, 2017
Access OFSC activity details page from CRM application134Sachin RathodExplorerApril 23, 2017
Integration: creating one activiy with attachmentsAnswered762Haroldo NozakiRegularApril 5, 2017
Mobile Extension Framework038Sachin RathodExplorerApril 5, 2017
Potential Issue with Outbound Namespace026Claus LemkeRegularApril 4, 2017
How to disable "Change Password", "My...122Sachin RathodExplorerApril 4, 2017
Which mobile device are you using for OFSC?100%140rowi02RookieMarch 30, 2017
OFSC Page Url in IFrame and Single SignOn API Integration...236Neelesh PatilRookieMarch 29, 2017
Opening Native application from OFSCAnswered354saurabh sumanJourneyerMarch 23, 2017
Start time mismatch466hardik guptaApprenticeMarch 23, 2017
Oracle Service Cloud - TOA Integration100%181179Shreyas PandhariApprenticeMarch 22, 2017

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