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Travel Time Calculation931ToddWhiz12:19 AM
Activity Ordering214Dilip JayachandraExplorerYesterday
Scenario Message Status "falsemethod" with...26Andres HerreraRookieYesterday
Service flow17Saurabh SharmaJourneyerYesterday
Scheduled Work15Dilip JayachandraExplorerYesterday
Work Order Creation924WO_ERROR.docxSaurabh SharmaJourneyerYesterday
Empty fields value creating new resource inventory210Wagner de Magalhães CunhaRookieYesterday
Integration with other application214Dilip JayachandraExplorerJuly 13, 2018
OFSC LinkedIn Group100%121Graham SawellJourneyerJuly 12, 2018
Reoptimization in routingAnswered253Ravi ShankarExplorerJuly 12, 2018
Sending images in OFSC Collaboration513Paul RogersJourneyerJuly 12, 2018
Oracle Mobile workforce management - Utilities111Shankar NarayananSpecialistJuly 12, 2018
New Aliases in Field Service and REST API100%014Brett WallaceSpecialistJuly 11, 2018
Data migration in OFSC742Hema GattupalliRegularJuly 11, 2018
Subscription ID113Dilip JayachandraExplorerJuly 11, 2018
Bad Gateway error through API calls110Megha JainJourneyerJuly 11, 2018
Capture date and time of the field update15Dilip JayachandraExplorerJuly 11, 2018
How to use OOTB and custom inventory fields in message...111Megha JainJourneyerJuly 11, 2018
Start Time and End time in list view not displayed correct...616Megha JainJourneyerJuly 10, 2018
OFS Mobility refresh parameter (synchronisation)Answered415Richard LairdJourneyerJuly 10, 2018
Edit inventory details after activity is completed38Noorshabah RamjaneeWhizJuly 10, 2018
Setting Preference for Few Resource812Prashant Singh BhadauriaSpecialistJuly 10, 2018
How to suspend a multi-day activity so that it can be...111Noorshabah RamjaneeWhizJuly 10, 2018
Field service connection not invoked312Mohana Gopal SelvamProJuly 9, 2018
Outbound configuration in OFSCAnswered10291Keerthi PeesapatiApprenticeJuly 9, 2018
Routing Activity Criteria321Mohana Gopal SelvamProJuly 9, 2018
Can an inventory item be deleted instead of being...16Noorshabah RamjaneeWhizJuly 9, 2018
Capture the first available appointment and write that to a...Answered337Brendan PattersonRegularJuly 8, 2018
Issue with adding private note to the incident017vijay kalidasanWhizJuly 7, 2018
New report in 18A: Configuration History100%244ZsoltMasterJuly 6, 2018

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