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Get the data for table in Data dictionary314Riya GoelJourneyer6:07 PM
Update the Status fields35Apolinar ValdezWhiz3:11 PM
Manipulate a report variable and use it in column...05Riya GoelJourneyer3:35 AM
Authenticating external application using Service Cloud as...100%869Roger BeggsRegular2:25 AM
Getting the values for a Menu Custom Field114Alanna LarsonExplorerYesterday
Extract all To: and CC: addresses from email header227Kurt HelfrichMasterJuly 13, 2018
Pass Menu List Filter to execute report with REST apiAnswered110SAJI MATHEWApprenticeJuly 12, 2018
Set a value on Disposition field from SOAP callAnswered733update_incident.xmlSOFIA BERMEJO SANZRegularJuly 12, 2018
Delete Contact SLAs using Connect PHP216Contact_SLAInstances.JPGDheeraj Eshwar BangeraExplorerJuly 11, 2018
Workspace Add-In Acces Virtual Table333Andrew WoosterSpecialistJuly 10, 2018
Uploading Files with Connect PHP425Hanna Abi AklSpecialistJuly 4, 2018
C# and REST API: 401 error when setting...Answered100%328Rajan DavisGrand MasterJuly 2, 2018
Best Practice Advice025Andrew WoosterSpecialistJuly 2, 2018
Public Mail API - multiple email addresses in "to"...439Ian OliverExplorerJuly 1, 2018
Is it possible to call external service while creating a...228Seetha lakshmiExplorerJune 29, 2018
Creating incident in Connect PHP6779LornaExpertJune 25, 2018
Auto Save IncidentAnswered529Andrew WoosterSpecialistJune 21, 2018
WSDL Woes ~ Strange error that stops development before we...82631Billy ClarkRookieJune 21, 2018
Event notifications in Rightnow webservices100%9134Pramod Vasudeva MurthyEliteJune 19, 2018
Can't Retrieve Configs by NameAnswered436Mike WaldronSpecialistJune 18, 2018
Calling Library Files from Fie ManagerAnswered100%155Bibek JenaJourneyerJune 14, 2018
Zip a file50%124Bibek JenaJourneyerJune 13, 2018
Update a row/field in RightNow, where the criteria is not...Answered67%334Ajith ErrabellyRegularJune 12, 2018
Change incident primary contact in 1 api call?Answered5196Charlie MoppsSpecialistJune 12, 2018
Get a specific column from the RightNow Table rather than...100%125Ajith ErrabellyRegularJune 12, 2018
create notification toaster from php5476MagivaWhizJune 12, 2018
File attachment operations - C#, Java and SOAP100%6366File_attachment_operation.zipPramod Vasudeva MurthyEliteJune 8, 2018
Connect for PHP initConnectAPI() user authentication...100%350Pandurang HargudeRookieJune 7, 2018
Export Data to Flat File & FTP/Import Flat File from FTPAnswered100%2162Aparajit MalliJourneyerJune 7, 2018
Can we update a custom attribute without using SOAP in an...100%857NishiWhizJune 2, 2018

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