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Agent Browser Extensibility Framework Quick Start Guide100%225265shivExplorerJuly 3, 2018
BUI: Interaction workspace focus to Incident and Workflow215Sathya RajendranWhizYesterday
CPM for Tasks??100%11453Bastiaan van der KooijEliteAugust 13, 2018
Workspace Extensions: Building Extensions: Contact Lookup...100%81568shivExplorerAugust 13, 2018
BUI: Get and Set Values for workspace Text, Menu and Radio27Sathya RajendranWhizAugust 3, 2018
Add-in Button in the RibbonAnswered7790Luis MeloMasterJuly 30, 2018
error while trying to consume oracle right now web service...17Sarah YoussefRookieJuly 30, 2018
BUI: Get and Set Values for workspace Text, Menu and Radio50%115Sathya RajendranWhizJuly 30, 2018
BUI: Cancel Save on Incident workspace based on condition511Sathya RajendranWhizJuly 25, 2018
405 Method Not Allowed on Upload files via FTP123Padma Prabha VaradarajanExplorerJuly 20, 2018
Error after adding CTI media bar sample code in Add In...128078AkshayRegularJuly 16, 2018
Error adding Service Reference in Addin124Padma Prabha VaradarajanExplorerJuly 6, 2018
Cannot upload Global Ribbon Addin117Aarnav PJourneyerJuly 6, 2018
Mail Message attachment missing421David CallaghanExplorerJuly 5, 2018
BUI Extension - Hello Word for Menu Header & Modal100%152IModalWindow.zipEdson JuniorProJuly 4, 2018
BUI: Is IExtensionPromise Promises/A+ compliant?100%019Anuj BehlEliteJuly 3, 2018
How to display A Form dialog box at the top middle in...122Venkat TanneruWhizJuly 3, 2018
Browser Control HttpRequest from Agent Desktop437Padma Prabha VaradarajanExplorerJune 30, 2018
How to use Browser component with external site in Browser...Answered137{31E9A632-38C5-46F1-BDB1-A6D505F63E36}.jpgUmair AhmedJourneyerJune 29, 2018
BUI Extension - Hello World for Navigation Item & Popup100%3161INavigationItem.zipEdson JuniorProJune 28, 2018
DataLoaded event not firing on new instance of Custom Object...220AdamExplorerJune 27, 2018
Setting a Menu Value in Connect for PHPAnswered343Mike WaldronSpecialistJune 20, 2018
RightNow CTI Simulator4484Chris BirdRookieJune 18, 2018
Incoming or outbound calls in Oracle CTI simulatorAnswered81061Leonardo BarbosaApprenticeJune 18, 2018
Execute .net addin from script1131Padma Prabha VaradarajanExplorerJune 13, 2018
Launch Marketing mailing from Addin frameworkAnswered100%131314Diane KohnertWhizJune 13, 2018
CTI error : Composition Exception in Cti MediaBar032Pree SJourneyerJune 12, 2018
BUI Extension - Hello World for Pane100%2111pane_samplecode.zipEdson JuniorProJune 4, 2018
Hide query string parameter in url100%433Domenico CaramagnoRegularJune 1, 2018
BUI Extension - Hello World for Bar100%194bars_samplecode.zipEdson JuniorProJune 1, 2018

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