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Customer Portal 3.0, 3.1, 3.2 Deprecation Announcement100%10896Willie EideMasterApril 30, 2018
Search option in input/ProductCategoryInput widget..16Ashok kumarNewbieYesterday
"Close SR" button like My Oracle Support16Jorge BarrientosRookieYesterday
$hookData values refuse to display or be manipulated on...16eric montijoRegularYesterday
Product level restriction in Community home page04Poornima MSNewbieYesterday
Ability to view secondary contact's incident upon...31157Srinath SrinivasanJourneyerAugust 15, 2018
View organization's incidents along with own incidentsAnswered226Nisar AhmedMasterAugust 14, 2018
Styling the AnswerNotificationIcon Widget Banner470Peter TaylorJourneyerAugust 14, 2018
Jenkin automation tool with CP18279Nital JoshiExplorerAugust 13, 2018
Contact custom fields on ask a question636Shaina Spitzer YakontJourneyerAugust 12, 2018
Allow contact to view the same report data as in console111Darpit PatelRookieAugust 12, 2018
Display Products According to Access Level of Answer118Tuğçen İlke ÇolakExplorerAugust 12, 2018
How the data on one widget is updated based on the selection...121Dheeraj Eshwar BangeraExplorerAugust 9, 2018
Hook not updating Login field from Email AddressAnswered1399eric montijoRegularAugust 7, 2018
Warning: The specified file path could not be found239Beccie TrownsonRookieAugust 7, 2018
Report custom widget filter problems100%4159John LSpecialistAugust 6, 2018
Create Customer Portal User through SSO017Dheeraj Eshwar BangeraExplorerAugust 4, 2018
Open login using Google2143Vijay KrishnaExplorerAugust 4, 2018
rn:field name Custom ObjectAnswered218Sérgio BraunWhizAugust 3, 2018
unexpected 'use' (T_USE)Answered114Sérgio BraunWhizAugust 2, 2018
SAML and redirect on CP023StevenOJourneyerAugust 2, 2018
cURL ERROR response113Sasi Kiran AlladaWhizAugust 2, 2018
Allow contact to view the same report data as in cosole07Darpit PatelRookieAugust 2, 2018
How to pass product ID in the URL?11328Lavish KumarExpertAugust 2, 2018
Customer Portal BUI - SSO120csmithJourneyerAugust 1, 2018
Set email as login during account creation -- Nov 2012 CP3Answered6393Helen HollandWhizJuly 31, 2018
Community Migration from CP2 to Current Version100%218Ryan JamesJourneyerJuly 31, 2018
getElementsBy on submit form633Justin LWhizJuly 31, 2018
Need The Custom Ajax to be executed synchronously in...Answered340Eric WangRookieJuly 31, 2018
Message base hides if an entry is deleted then recreated100%380JJMasterJuly 30, 2018

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