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.NET OSvC compatible with other Browsers02MacintoshJourneyer9:40 AM
Chat session, dynamically append the contact email_address...Answered231Adla SWhizYesterday
Open Survey within the Chat Landing Page118Adla SWhizYesterday
Conditional chat link for non default queue537Aarnav PRegularJune 23, 2017
Chat timestamp on end user012Hanna PageExplorerJune 23, 2017
Chat rule routing based on queue available sessionsAnswered449Douglas HenriqueWhizJune 23, 2017
Proactive Chat floating popup100%424Hanna PageExplorerJune 23, 2017
Chat configuration for when no agents logged in442Hanna PageExplorerJune 22, 2017
Chat Transfer to Queue with Unavailable Agents224Aaron DiDonnaRookieJune 22, 2017
Proactive Chat Host Customer Portal113MacintoshJourneyerJune 22, 2017
Chat Page – Name of the employeeAnswered100%125Chat Page – Name of the employee.pdfTobias DeppenRegularJune 21, 2017
Open ask a question page in same window as the chat landing...Answered673Adla SWhizJune 16, 2017
Syndicated ProactiveChat widget not workingAnswered1070Gireesh BhatWhizJune 16, 2017
Pop survey when customer click X buttonAnswered345Karthik JayachandranExplorerJune 15, 2017
IChatAutomation018Harrison KipronoJourneyerJune 14, 2017
Deleting some chats records ( tests)Answered8132Leonardo SantosJourneyerJune 8, 2017
Custom Field for Phone #Answered555Hanna PageExplorerJune 8, 2017
Looking for suggestions how to reduce chats which engage...100%244ChrisCarterExplorerJune 8, 2017
How to access JS file in EEAnswered533Karthik JayachandranExplorerJune 8, 2017
Unable to find "seconds" attribute for Syndicate...Answered224Karthik JayachandranExplorerJune 5, 2017
Co-browse also on external siteAnswered883Sachin JainSpecialistJune 1, 2017
Third party mobile agent chat appAnswered245Muthulakshmi MuthaiahExpertMay 30, 2017
Based on Customer IP location should not display Syndicate...Answered337Karthik JayachandranExplorerMay 30, 2017
chat always comes through as anonymous despite email, names...Answered13113theguyWhizMay 30, 2017
Chat -Message baseAnswered132Muthulakshmi MuthaiahExpertMay 30, 2017
Customisable 'Chat service lost' message?Answered124JamesExplorerMay 25, 2017
Limiting Data String to first End User PostAnswered124Brooke CameronRegularMay 24, 2017
Change the color of chat transcript in Agent chat work spaceAnswered556Karthik JayachandranExplorerMay 23, 2017
CHAT_GREETING_MSGAnswered135Karthik JayachandranExplorerMay 22, 2017
Remove terminate option from terminate or wrap-up pop upAnswered129Karthik JayachandranExplorerMay 22, 2017

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