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issues with Syndicated proactive chat integration with...12122vijay kalidasanWhizSeptember 19, 2017
CBO (custom business object) Two Letter State...125Justin LewandowskiJourneyerSeptember 13, 2017
Pre-Seed Contact data in OPA interview embedded in RightNow...147Ruhul AminExplorerSeptember 11, 2017
Get Logged In user in report script133Michael LocurcioSpecialistSeptember 8, 2017
Incident Create API and AttachmentsAnswered245CrystalCWhizSeptember 8, 2017
Incidents from social monitor updated from rules does not...120Matias GazconRegularSeptember 7, 2017
Custom Objects vs. Custom Fields289JLFolkmanProSeptember 7, 2017
Cannot Use Column Within Where Clause For Threads.Text133Riya GoelRegularSeptember 7, 2017
Drop down values are showing complete left in the workspace445Vivek SoudariRookieAugust 30, 2017
Limit response parameters from Incident Create via Rest api150Jesse BlockJourneyerAugust 29, 2017
Use of API Sendmailing12121Marcelo PeraltaJourneyerAugust 29, 2017
SSL Errors with CurlAnswered174Michael LocurcioSpecialistAugust 25, 2017
Send request to Mobile Cloud Service platform to create a...032Sample.phpAbdelali BendaoudiRookieAugust 24, 2017
Whatsapp IntegrationAnswered100%5546Janeth TrujilloJourneyerAugust 22, 2017
API token and Search article030Bo LiNewbieAugust 17, 2017
Export Incident Data Strategies481Jake WoodRookieAugust 16, 2017
How can I reference a file from Customer folder?348Monica ValoisWhizAugust 16, 2017
Cloning To Another Interface254BhargavJourneyerAugust 15, 2017
how to increase height of StatusBarContext in AgentBrowser...Answered138Ranjith Kumar MJourneyerAugust 11, 2017
Browser UI: how to trigger particular event when load...372Ranjith Kumar MJourneyerAugust 11, 2017
How to retrieve data from contact record when load it in...135Ranjith Kumar MJourneyerAugust 10, 2017
Proactive Chat CSS100%367Hanna PageWhizAugust 10, 2017
How to locate the chat ID in the Object Explorer?571Monica ValoisWhizAugust 7, 2017
Can I create an add-In in Agent Browser UI?Answered280Ranjith Kumar MJourneyerAugust 7, 2017
How can I associate the contact with the workspace Chat?148Monica ValoisWhizAugust 4, 2017
Custom Process - Unable to access previous valuesAnswered7751Manjunath ParamesanRegularAugust 3, 2017
How to get SessionId from Oracle Agent Desktop web UI?Answered244Ranjith Kumar MJourneyerAugust 3, 2017
Save & Close button for integration purposesAnswered140Andre SenaRegularAugust 2, 2017
Oracle Service Cloud APIAnswered138Ramkumar SwaminathanNewbieAugust 1, 2017
Change the email ID for another fieldAnswered13114Monica ValoisWhizJuly 30, 2017

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